Congratulations Ryan House

Libby and Penny are so pleased to mention Ryan House, a place for children with life threatening conditions, celebrates 5 years of assisting families. This special home allows for respite care for the child, siblings and parents for up to 28 days a year for free. Congratulations!



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Fairy Garden

Have guests create their own garden using a container.  Fill each container with dirt, add a ground cover that will continue to grow, add rocks for a walkway, create garden art and make your own little fairy.    The children will have fun creating.

fairy gardenn 44

Have you ever made a fairy garden?  We would love to see your pictures and hear about the experience!

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Party Theme: Earth Day

Have an Earth Day party. Make use of materials from nature while enjoying the outdoors, use items found in the environment, then recycle and reuse. Celebrate nature by planting a garden, have containers ready for seeds or cuttings so the guests can plant at home.

Take the children on a neighborhood walk to collect natural items to recycle. Twigs, leaves, and rocks can become forts, leaf prints and painted rock paperweights. Heavy cardboard boxes can be painted, decorated and used for keepsakes.

Exercise while helping to beautify the Earth.

What would you do to celebrate Earth Day?

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Hide and Seek never gets old!

Hiding and finding seem to be basic to mankind, think about early mans need to hunt and gather.

The success of hiding games continues to bring great joy to children. They like to hunt and hide.

Find the surprise in this picture.hunting games

What hiding games has your child enjoyed?

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Party Themes for 8 Year Old Boys

Thanks for all the ideas!

Suggestions included: soccer, dinosaur museum, Lego, movies, model trains, construction,  rock climbing and a science party.

You can email us at

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What themes have worked for your parties?

Someone is looking for a great theme for a party for an 8 year old boy.

Any suggestions?

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Birthday Morning Surprise!

A friend shared an idea with us and we want to pass it on.

Select a box of cereal your child enjoys. Remove about a bowl of cereal and set it aside. Place an envelope with a surprise inside in the box and refill with cereal.  When your child pours their cereal in the morning the surprise envelope will, with luck, fall out.

To be assured your child selects the correct box mark the outside of the box with a message,  “A birthday surprise in this  box”.

Possibilities for surprise items are: a wrapped toy, money, trading cards, a birthday note,  tickets to a sports event, movie tickets, or a note detailing a surprise trip or special event.


What are your favorite birthday traditions?  We would love to hear about them.

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