Another way to share Planning Children’s Birthday Parties Libby and Penny’s Survival Guide

   Going to a baby shower? 

party bk as a gift

 Boy or Girl our book is a great gift for the new parents.


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Children are reading Planning Children’s Birthday Parties Libby and Penny’s Survival Guide

A friend mentioned she had her daughters look for activities in our book to use for play date ideas.

get ideas from party book

Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing this idea.


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Haven’t we all seen an obnoxious winner or a loser who accidently tips over the game board?

With so many great game Apps available why play games as a family?

game app's

When playing games with your child, you are teaching them how to respond. They watch  you and will mimic what they see.

When your family is playing a game congratulate the winner for both winning and how they responded to the win. Do the same when a child loses. Admit it is embarrassing to be the loser, and then praise the behavior of a ‘good’ loser.

No one enjoys losing, yet a child needs to know how to respond to the awkward feelings and embarrassment of losing and the joy of winning.

Learning how to play games at a social gathering is a life skill.


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Memory games are quick and easy to play

Select a few random items, place them on a tray. Have everyone look at the items for a few minutes. Remove an item. Keep all the items in the same location on the tray for young children.

now you see it,

now you don'tMove the items around on the tray to make the missing item a bit harder to recall.


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Congratulations Ryan House

Libby and Penny are so pleased to mention Ryan House, a place for children with life threatening conditions, celebrates 5 years of assisting families. This special home allows for respite care for the child, siblings and parents for up to 28 days a year for free. Congratulations!



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Fairy Garden

Have guests create their own garden using a container.  Fill each container with dirt, add a ground cover that will continue to grow, add rocks for a walkway, create garden art and make your own little fairy.    The children will have fun creating.

fairy gardenn 44

Have you ever made a fairy garden?  We would love to see your pictures and hear about the experience!

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Party Theme: Earth Day

Have an Earth Day party. Make use of materials from nature while enjoying the outdoors, use items found in the environment, then recycle and reuse. Celebrate nature by planting a garden, have containers ready for seeds or cuttings so the guests can plant at home.

Take the children on a neighborhood walk to collect natural items to recycle. Twigs, leaves, and rocks can become forts, leaf prints and painted rock paperweights. Heavy cardboard boxes can be painted, decorated and used for keepsakes.

Exercise while helping to beautify the Earth.

What would you do to celebrate Earth Day?

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