Congratulations Halina!

August 6, 2012 at 1:03 PM 1 comment

Below is your wonderful comment on a great outdoor game for a summer birthday party.  For younger children, you can use a smaller container that will take less time to fill.  We can’t wait to try this activity.

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Play outside, best in swim suits.
Get two kitchen-sized garbage cans, two kid-sized buckets (all plastic), two tennis balls and a water source such as a kid-pool. Fill the kid-pool with water, be prepared to keep filling it with a hose as the game goes on.
Randomly divide the kids into two teams perhaps by pulling names out of a hat. Don’t let a captain of each team pick the members. It’s always hurtful to be last.
Put one tennis ball in each team’s garbage container and put the containers equal distance from the pool; 10-20 feet depending on the age and size of the kids.
The Game: the two teams line up. On “go”, the first person fills his/her bucket from the pool and runs across the yard and pours the bucketful into his/her team’s garbage container. The kid passes the bucket to the next child on his/her team and he/she does the next fill and run and pour.
The tennis balls will rise as the garbage cans fill up.
The first tennis ball to fall out of the top (because the garbage can is full) determines the winner!
If somebody’s garbage can falls over….oh well….they place it upright and keep trying! Everyone has fun, gets wet, yells encouragement and sometimes they want to play again.

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  • 1. Sharon Doyle Ward  |  August 8, 2012 at 12:52 AM

    Congrats Halina! Your idea is a great one. I would love to play myself!


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