When is it ok to invite just boys or just girls to a birthday party?

September 12, 2012 at 5:31 PM Leave a comment

There are no real rules about these things. Parents should plan to discuss with their child both the theme of their party and the list of children they want to invite. As the children mature their unique interests and abilities develop according to their ages and stages, so while many themes are enjoyed by both sexes, often it is the varied stage of development that lends the theme to boys and girls at different ages. Some children enjoy lots of physical activities requiring speed and strength while others like activities requiring agility, dexterity and small motor skills. Some themes lend themselves to same gender parties such as: overnight slumber parties, a doll party, a construction party, hair and make-up party, spa parties, camp outs, super hero party, etc. Your child has the right to accept or regret an invitation if they recognize they will not want to participate in the theme of the party.

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