Collaboration was a determining factor in writing book.

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Authors discuss writing their bookSome writers need total solitude to develop their thoughts. Joining forces made more sense for us. We had taught in the same classroom and knew each would bring strengths to the process. We figured we could get the book done in a few months or possibly a year…. Oh, we were so naïve!
Our first real work session consisted of writing all our ideas (good, weird, crazy, etc.) on sticky notes and slips of paper then we put them all over my rarely used kitchen cabinets. Basic subheadings and themes began to emerge. Each selected topics to start writing about. We started writing, researching, and emailed our progress to each other. We worked together, alone, via the phone and email. We were progressing.
We had so much to learn from updating our grammar rules to developing computer skills. We wrote a business plan, created an LLC, purchased domain names, researched self-publishing, checked out printing companies, and kept writing. And that was during year one of five!

start of book _edited-1

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Giving a children’s party without a plan is like baking a cake without directions. Sometimes you feel like a blooper and sometimes you don’t

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