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Thank you, Kelly, for the fantastic write-up, A Real Food Birthday Party Round-up!

Some excerpts from Kelly’s article:

When my kids were smaller, my head would start to spin with all of the details – guest list, party favors, decoration, theme, invitations (do I mail them or just send an evite?  I admit that I have always done the evite.) and location!  I never really involved my kiddos in the actual planning of the party.  I just did it all myself.  Since then, I have come to find out that by doing so, my child is missing out on some great life lessons!

Check out this book, “Planning Children’s Birthday Parties – Libby and Penny’s Survival Guide.”

This book breaks the party planning down into 5 sections:

1 An overview including first, toddler, and preschool parties

2 Descriptive plans from weeks before the party to days after, a specific schedule for party day, and a template for creating a party plan

3 Budget, guest list, invitations, manners, gift giving, safety, behaviors, traditions, and a party timeline

4 Planning template and detailed theme parties

5 Arts and craft activities, game ideas, and a supplies and shopping list.

After reading this book, I realized I was robbing my son of the gift giving experience.  I thought that opening presents would be too overwhelming for everyone so I always waited until all of the guests left before he dove in.  His friends never got to experience the joy of watching my son open the gift he brought and my son never got the chance to verbally thank them.  Another thing that I would like to start doing is having my kids hand write their birthday invitations.  There is nothing like getting a letter in the mail, and by having my kids do this they are actively involved in the planning process.

Both of the authors are parents and each have 30+ years of teaching experience.  This book is a great resource that offers planning advice, great life lessons for kids (e.g. being a courteous host or hostess), and techniques that can help avoid chaos when parents and children are not prepared.

Throwing a party together for our children may be easy when we do it all ourselves.  But involving our children in the process not only gets them more excited about their special day, but they become invested in all the little details they may have missed if we didn’t include them.

Thanks again to OhLardy for the great article!

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