Bunko, fun for all ages!

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A Game of Chance!  Try our version of the rules.  

Let us know if you have a favorite way to play.


Goal:  To reach a combined team score of 21 points. Once 21 points are accumulated by a team they call or yell or shout out “Bunko!”



Libby and Penny rules.  One game is six rounds. Number of players: 4 at each table, partners sit across from each other.  Each person takes a turn rolling 5 dice. During round one the objective is to count the number of 1’s rolled. Designate one person to tell everyone to begin. Each person rolls the dice until they do not roll any 1’s, then they pass the dice to the person to their right.  Each team continues adding to their partners score while keeping their own score.

Round one ends when a Bunko (21 points) is made by any team.

 Switching tables:  At the end of each round, team with highest number will move to next table and switch partners.  Lowest number stays and pairs up with the newest team that joins them.  The switching happens after each round. Switching creates new teams for the next round.  

If 4 are playing simply switching places at the table and create new teams. If 8 or 12 are playing the winning team can switch with the losing team at the other table for the next round.

Scoring:  Total all the points you have made throughout the rounds.  Rolling all 5 dice with the number that is being playing is a special Bunko, the player can be awarded a prize or extra points. Example: if it is round 4 and all the dice rolled are 4’s then you rolled a Bunko.

Play as many games as you have time.

Mini history: Bunko, was once linked with 1920’s gambling.  The police squads that raided the parlors, or a speakeasy,  were known as the Bunko Squad.









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