Ask yourself a few questions to get started.

If this party is a first birthday party or one of many others it is important to be prepared. Some basic decisions need to be made. These questions are simple yet answering them may suggest many options. “Planning Children’s Birthday Parties Libby and Penny’s Survival Guide” is a common-sense reference book filled with information for the successful implementation of the first birthday celebration through grade school parties.

1.  Will you be inviting adult friends to celebrate your child’s first birthday?

2.  Do you have a budget in mind?

3.  Have you discussed the party with your child?

4.   Do you have a plan for what to do with the guests once they arrive?

5.  Will the party be at home or in the community?

6.  Do you have a list of age appropriate games and activities?

7. Have you selected a theme?

All the above questions are answered in

Planning Children’s Birthday Parties Libby and Penny’s Survival Guide