The fun of creative napkin folding. 

Setting the table can be an adventure in creative napkin folding. Thank you Jeanne for this video!

Happy folding, send us your video of creative folding techniques! ​​

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Party nightmare, don’t let that dream come true!

Have you ever had that party nightmare where no one shows up? You are not alone,  children can have this dream too.
To avoid unnecessary concerns and that nightmare, discuss party plans with your child. Include what type/theme they would like, how many guests, what activities would be fun and who would be invited.
The more they know about the party plans, the more they can happily look forward to the event.

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A Halloween mask should fit comfortably

A mask should fit comfortably and allow for good vision. Making or modifying a mask to fit your child can be as easy as using an old pair of children’s sunglasses.

Use an old pair of children’s sunglasses, remove the lenses, match the opening for the eyes on the mask with the openings on the glasses, then  glue the frames onto the inside of the mask.


The glasses will keep the mask in place and be easy to put on and off.

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Happy Mother’s Day

We wish a wonderful Mother’s Day to all the great moms that do so much for their children.

Libby and Penny

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What Are Your Child’s Birthday Memories?

Ask your child what they think of when remembering their favorite birthday experiences. This will help you know what was most important to them and what might be worth repeating. It may have been a little thing that was the most meaningful tradition for them.

This can be any memory such as using a birthday plate, planning their party, a favorite activity, what they ate, how special they felt or some unique  memory of their special day. You may be surprised to discover what they remember.  What they recall may not be the same as your memories, yet it will be what your child found to be important for them.

Who would have known, this child loved the experience of opening her bedroom door and discovering streamers.

streamers over her doordoor streamers  taped

The parent simply taped the colorful crepe paper streamers to the top of the door frame, little did the parents know what a hit it would make! Leaving the streamers up for the day is fun for all  to see.

What is your child’s special memory on their birthday?



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If your child uses Uncle Mike, Miss Anne, Aunt Susie, Josh or Kelly, then do they know the last names of the adults in their life? Is it important?

Whether your child uses Miss Judy, Mike, or Aunt Lindsey they only know the adult’s first name. In the case of an emergency or unique situation would your child know the last names of the people they might need to contact? Do they know where to find an address book or list of this information?  Many of us store this information on our personal computers and cell phones.

If you were not available and your child needed to contact a close friend or neighbor how would they find the information? Do you have an address book-phone book near a land line or located somewhere your child could easily find? The list may include first and last names, the name your child uses when speaking with them, names of the children in the family (to assist in identifying the family), mobile and landline numbers and address.


This is not the same as baby sitter list, which is current information including your cell numbers, the location or restaurant you can be found, location of a first aid kit, eating instructions, etc.

Create an address book your child could use.

Create an address book your child could use.

I remember experiencing just such an emergency situation in middle school. I called a close family friend Aunt and I had forgotten her last name. Embarrassed, I went through my mother’s address book page by page to find her information.

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Reutilize your puzzles

After a puzzle has been completed, flip it over and create a masterpiece on the back. Once the work of art is completed, voila, a new puzzle to assemble!

If you want to make a puzzle masterpiece now, follow this link to an image you can download.

January 25, 2016 at 7:10 AM 4 comments

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