Party Ideas

Rehearse directions, time activities….meet with success!

When practiced in advance giving directions at the party will be easy and natural. Practice explaining all directions for each game and activity with your child in advance.  When preparing for your child’s birthday party plan to do a run-through or rehearsal of all games, activities, and craft projects. This is a win-win situation for parent and child. You will know how long each activity will take by observing your child doing it. Write down how long it takes from the moment you start giving the directions to the minute your child completes each activity.  The time it takes may surprise you!  Doing a craft or art project in advance with your child suggests the guests will also be able to do it. You will know if additional items (scissors, pencil, glue, tape, etc.) are needed. The project your child completes in advance will make for a great sample for other to see. Your child will be able to help others with projects or make another the day of the party. The run-through process gives your child added confidence in knowing what is expected the day of the party.

Rule of thumb: invite the number of guests equal to the age the birthday child is celebrating, therefore a child turning 7 may invite up to 7 guests. This gives your child guidelines and permission to choose a specific number of friends.  It also streamlines the party budget, the group is easier to work with, and it makes for less stress planning, shopping, preparing, and hosting.    It is easy to set these limits because the number is based on the age of the child.