Hopscotch was played hundreds of years ago. Roman soldiers played a type of hopscotch to build their strength and test themselves.

Rules: toss a stone or marker to land on square #1. Hop on one foot through the squares, unless there are 2 squares next to each other, be sure to skip over the square with your marker on it. Move on to placing your marker on #2.             You miss a turn if your stone doesn’t get in the square, your foot doesn’t stay inside the square, step on a line, or fall over while picking up your stone.

The girl in the video is starting with her stone on #1. She skips over #1 and goes all the way up, turns around  and upon her return must bend over, pick up her stone  and skip over #1 square to finish. On her next turn she must toss her stone inside of #2 and skip #2 square.

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